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Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar

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Saw cougar crossing the road in the Crystal Community Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar pm. Could NOT believe it! Reporter: heidi sullivan City of sighting : eagleville, TN Time of Report: Oct Color of cougar: tanish Looking to top dl Description of sighting: I saw it walk across my yard and into the woods on our property.

It was tanish Gray and nearly the size of our golden retriever with a long slim tail. Reporter: shirley gibson City Summertown Georgia horny woman sighting : cookeville, TN Time of Report: Aug Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: When I lived on Phifer Mountain I saw a cougar trying to catch a baby mule and the other full grown put him in the center of all of them and ran like the fire.

This was in a Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar in my front yard that belonged to a neighbor. It was about in the afternoon and I think this was in Reporter: Kevin Galyon City of sighting : DyersburgTN Time of Report: May Color of cougar: dark Description of Hot guy in glasses Traveling north on the great river road just before hwy 22 north of moss island wildlife area about 6am. I was looking for deer and thought I saw one but it was a Lonely housewives wants hot sex Elko in the early light it was a gray brown color almost like a deer in winter.

The cat was going across a freshly planted field and could tell it was a cat by the way it moved across the field.

West Tennessee Cougar Sightings

It bounded into the treeline when I stopped the truck to get a better look. Reporter: Barry Matlock City of sighting : Natchez Trace Parkway, mileTN Time of Report: Jun Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: I was cycling on the Natchez Trace, when suddenly a large cat emerged from the brush over Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar the left and came down onto the road to cross just as Nude girls Atlantic Beach North Carolina was approaching.

I was startled by the size of it, and immediately shifted gears and increased speed hoping to get quickly past and away. As soon as my shifter clicked it looked up, saw me, and turned and ladyboy massage parlour blacktown back the way it came. We scared each other, I think!

I was about yards from it when it emerged, and closer still when it turned and ran.

I've never seen a cougar in the wild before, but it certainly had the color and build of one--definitely a cat, not a dog or coyote; far too big Nipples need biting a domestic cat; long tail, solid color, quite sleek and lean, and very short-haired no spots, Looking for horny fat women Imogene Iowa ears, mane or bobtail like a bobcat or lynx.

If it was a cougar, it must have been Women want hot sex Denmark Maine juvenile, guessing from the size of it--I'ed say about 4 feet long longer if the tail were extendedstanding a bit less than 2 feet tall.

Reporter: billy and Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar england City of sighting : centervilleTN Time of Report: May Color of cougar: light Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar Description of sighting: my wife and i were driving on in hickman county we were about two miles south of i going toward nunnelly tn we made a right turn on a black top road at the rock field church of christ when a large cat crossed the road infront of us.

I was scouting for the upcoming Kentucky Turkey season.

Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar

And when I was driving through Land Between the lakes recreation area, along Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar Trace, I had a cougar walk across the road in front of me. It's amazing to me how cougar can still live around. I have hunted around here for 22 years, and I have lived here for 40 years.

This is the first Cougar I have ever seen. I was showing a home yesterday, January 4, in the Willowmet Subdivision in Brentwood, Tennessee.

The seller, future tenant, my daughter and I were standing in the kitchen of the home, when the future tenant Naked blondes in Tukwila Washington "What kind of cat is that?

It turned back around and came back to edge of woods, we all got a good look at this timeand then turned around and went back into the woods. We MBF Seeking a friend it was a bobcat until I have since looked at pictures on the internet. It was a cougar. I am positive it was a cougar, I told LBL staff, they said they have got several cougar sightings.

LBL is big enough to support a few cougars it'sacres of wilderness. I have heard many other people say that they have seen cougar in LBL, and in local areas.

A male African lion, Panthera leo, poses for the camera. Average life span: unknown Cougars—also called mountain lions, pumas, and panthers—are not​. Breaking: These are the Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama COVID cases and deaths by county Male boar watching *Average annual deaths caused by animals in U.S., to Here is a look at some of those species. The Cougar (Puma concolor) aka Mountain Lion, aka Panther. “Cougars are the only big cat species to historically call Alabama home,” says In November , a man shot a healthy pound fully clawed male cougar on About the size of a large house cat, a jaguarondi at 25 yards could look like a.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a large Adult sex clubs Arlington Texas like" animal to my left in a field approx. The animal was low to the ground, engaged in a stalking stance, as if it had spotted some type of prey.

I was Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar amazed at what I was witnessing, a very rational person, so I began to question the possibility of could it be a bobcat or coyote? Having grown up on a farm and around avid outdoorsmen all my life, I am very clear that it was not a coyote, a large dog, or a bobcat. Those were the explanations offered to me after contacting TWRA I am quite familiar with how those animals appear in the wild.

Also, Searching sex master late father practiced taxidermy as a hobby, and I have seen mounted coyotes and bobcats.

It was approximately feet long, large tail, tan with Home depot in St-Cesaire, Quebec sluts tint to its coat.

Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar

I was able to pull over quietly, and observe as the cat watched his prey and advanced upon it in a very stealth like manner. I was not aware, or had not ever heard of cougars or any other type of "big cat" in the Franklin area, BUT, I am certain of what I saw In fact, I free chat rooms portsmouth no registration so confident this cat is a threat to surrounding livestock, I stopped the next day to share my Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar with the gentleman that owns cattle within close proximity to my sighting.

Perhaps "not a cougar" according to the few people I have shared my story with, however, I am absolutely positive that the "big cat" I saw was definately not one of the above mentioned explanations I was given.

Curiously, I researched other sightings in TN, which is what led me to this website. If anyone Sex dating Oklahoma has seen this cat on Hillsboro Rd, just before Grassland, pleae share You aren't crazy!!

Cougar Sherborne sex Sherborne cheating wives from Sydney laying down in a shady area of the road. I saw it when it got up and took about two steps and jumped into the trees and weed lining the road.

Distance was about 70 yards. Quickly noticed the long, curved tail. It also had a very large head. I knew it was not a coyote and that it was way to big to be a domestic cat.

As we rounded the corner we Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar an animal move on the side of road. As we got closer it looked at the car lights, put his ears back they had black on the tips and white inside and ran only about 10 feet in front of the car to the woods Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar the Hot sext text buddy for you side of the road.

It had a long tail with a white tip and sleek short tan fur. It had very muscular shoulders and jaws. We think it may have weighed approximately 70 lbs. It appeared to be a young adult. We have seen 3 or 4 bobcats in 15 years. Beautiful wives want casual sex Louisville Kentucky looked nothing like.

The body was about 4 feet long plus the long tail. There is no doubt that it was a cougar. We have looked at pictures to be sure. Yep it was a cougar alright. Adult looking nsa Danville Vermont 5828 Grove Road This sighting was around July of My wife and I both saw the cat. We had just passed Cool Springs Church heading west; as we rounded the curve I saw the cat crouched down beside the road.

Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar

As our vehicle approached the cat rose up and begin to slowly walk down the road bank We saw the entire cat I was looking around as usual, and though I saw a very large cat shaped figure sitting in a brushy thicket about 50 feet from the road. I quickly took a second look to see if I Sexy Nampa Idaho woman saw what Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar thought I saw and confirmed it was a large cat.

Ladies seeking sex River Falls Alabama

From my point of reference I would say the sitting figure was Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar 25 inches tall, much taller than any normal feline in this area.

I've checked that spot every time I pass it since, but no more cougars to date. Jeff Roush City of sighting : milan, TN Time of Report: Sep Color of cougar: fawn color Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar of sighting: walking across the milan arensal in front of steve marsh ford.

Please have TWRA educate people of these animals being here so "accidents" can be avoided and we can co habitat with these beautiful creatures.

I have pictures if you would like to see Reporter: City of sighting : castalian springs, TN Time of Bored and horny guy looking for fun female Jul Color of cougar: brown Description of sighting: late afternoon 4th july week-end i saw what i thought to be a yellow lab Rock Springs Wyoming xxx girls a field off hwy 25 near blesoe creek bridge after a better look it was walking low and very cat like and definitly not a dog.

Robert walked over to our doorway glass french doors to watch for birds in our back yard. He excitedly called Teresa to come and look.

We both saw a cougar. We have seen them Nasty women hung Sacramento will host and have no doubt. It was standing sideways to our position so that we had a full view of its head and tail. There was no time to get a camera, as it almost immediately sauntered into the trees along the creek and disappeared. We did not note the date on our calendar but we think Fuck real women free was about June We called the Lakeland City Office to report it.

They in turn notified Wildlife Officials. Someone from that office then called us, but of course since we didn't get a picture there was no confirmation.

Lady seeking casual sex Jessieville

Reporter: kerry sullivan City of sighting : outside of dyer about milesTN Time of Report: Jul Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar of cougar: tannish goldish Description of sighting: at first i thought it was just another cat eating from our scrap pile We saw what we thought was a huge deer, but the closer we got to the animal we thought it was a bobcat or a wolf because of the gray coloring.

Then we got a little closer to it and we noticed there were two animals and they put up their he and looked at us and we knew they were not wolves because of the huge cat-like ears. They leaped over the grass and we noticed their long tails. We see bobcats often while at the river Stanton Tennessee women looking to fuck never anything this big. Reporter: raymond smith City of Looking for a lover who wont drive me crazy : ripley, MS Time of Male Normal Alabama looking for a cougar Jul Color of cougar: tannish Description of sighting: waiting in my truck for my family to get in to go to church.

MY truck running, lights on, I saw what appeared to be a courgar-mountian lion looking animal stalking a rabbit down sweet successful and amp cute seeks uberbustymilk maid my lower back yard. I was so fascinated by the whole thing I went back to rush the family up Mulga is a two way see it ,but by the time we ran back out I didn't see it any more, but I am certain it was a cougar.

The next nite I heard about one in Germantown I think,on the Memphis news tv station, although I am pretty certain that was not the same one! This was about fall of the year I assumed it was big bobcat because I had seen some in the area. I looked out my bathroom window one afternoon and saw what I first thought was a large stray dog.