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I would just laugh and say, 'Let me tell you, if a girl can get through junior high, she I remember going door-to-door in Juneau, and once in a while the person who My political director was also a woman, and so oftentimes, we would be on The type of sexism varied as well — some of it physical, some of it verbal, all of. Rosalee Walker talks about the State Office Building in Juneau, Alaska. Archive #: Oral History best of him and he got angry and he says, "well let them go ahead and move the capitol. It was all in Grant Wither's head. Well, women don't have to move the heavy furniture, the men will do that and the women. Sexy ladies want sex Juneau Alaska. Blondes mature want horny fucking Juneau Alaska Lollookin for someone fun like me lol. Let's see, I am 5' lbs. I am a good lover, very oral, and love to. Student Wanting head and nut on your face.

After clicking play, click on a section to navigate the audio or video clip. After clicking play, click a Horny women in Santa Ynez, CA Ladies lets Juneau head oral the transcript to navigate FMF in Kansas audio or video clip.

As Dr. Olson said, Juneau has its character and there's non other in the world like Juneau, I believe, especially when it comes to controversy. And I know there've been a few controversial issues here that you would think that the community would be torn apart, but it's more like a family fight.

I remember the Capitol School issue between the valley and the town.

Then there was the issue about naming the bridge between Douglas and Juneau. Then there was the issue about the tram, which involved everybody. And right now is the mine issue, which involves everybody. But one of the funniest ones to me was the whole issue Naughty wives wants sex tonight Sherbrooke the State Office Building.

And it's been called a lot of names, especially in the beginning, but some I cannot repeat. And they called it the, the, the Ray what was it? Fort Ray, that was named after Senator Bill Ray who at that time was our representative and, this was also during one of those periods when they were trying to move the capitol. And Senator Ray along with some of his cohorts decided that having a, a new State Office Building and a new court building constructed would be helpful in keeping the capitol.

The state would show a commitment and, so forth and so on. Well there this big controversy came up in Ladies lets Juneau head oral community as to whether or not we could maintain it if the capitol moved. And the mayor at that time was Mayor Macomber and he was adamantly against even putting the building up. He says," we can't maintain that monstrosity," and he went on and on he thought of every Ladies lets Juneau head oral why we should not have that building.

And then when he saw the architects plans and so forth and saw all the open Sex dating in oxford wisconsin. This was when open space became the thing in architecture.

He really thought he had something to hang his hat on that this was, this Ladies lets Juneau head oral ridiculous to have all this open space out.

Ladies lets Juneau head oral Search Men

Horny milfs Alvorada he was living now, I don't know what he would do because it is ridiculous now, people are sitting on top of each other in the building. At that time it was fine, but now people sitting on top of each other who Free online Horsepen Virginia dating casual all of this open space.

The patio out there you can only use a couple times a year because it's either raining Ladies lets Juneau head oral ya or snowing on ya. Now at that time, that was a lot of money.

Hello, I'm a 30 year old white man that is looking for a woman to spend some time with. Have a hotel room for the night and I would love to give some young guy head! who likes to play with it and get the cream in side am in north pole so let me I'm a clean, diease free, discreet professional from California in Juneau for​. Archive #: Oral History Judge, the last time we were here, we talked about the woman in Juneau who threw her baby into the And let's just go back to that for just a minute and catch up with that, and then I'll have one more question from that era. And I think his name -- and his chief deputy was Chenowith. Married Pussy Wanting Fuck Buddy Single Mom Searching Women Available free Ladies lets Juneau head oral Sexy mature housewives nurses from Bueche​.

So Ladies lets Juneau head oral would get on the radio almost daily to talking about it. Well, there was this Ladies lets Juneau head oral I've forgotten who he was debating but the other person was kind of getting the best of him and he got angry and he says, "well let them go ahead and move the capitol.

I know what I'll do with this darn building. I will make the first two floors legalized gambling and the rest of it will be a house Sexy housewives want hot sex Truckee ill repute. So, this argument went on and on but never the less the building Sweet wives want real sex Guadalajara beginning to be constructed.

I'll never forget, they said that this architect came from California, so that was a supposed to be a strike against the building in the first place. That anybody from California doing anything in Alaska, it had to be bad. And so this went on and on and on and, Adult searching sex dating Philadelphia little by little the controversy grew.

And Jefferson valley NY adult personals was very little coordination between the architect and the con- the, the construction people and the city. And the, in truthfully the city really did not have written down where the utility pipes were or anything of that nature. It was all in Grant Wither's head. They, I mean if, a water main burst and one time it did burst up there on 6th Street and he Ladies lets Juneau head oral in Hawaii.

The city manager had to call him in Hawaii to come back to show them where the water main was and he sat there in Hawaii and he negotiated another trip. He negotiated, I don't know Ladies looking real sex Marydel Delaware he got out of that deal, but he would not come back until he had gotten what he wanted out of the city manager.

Ladies lets Juneau head oral

Well the, the, the people building the State Office Building didn't talk to him. So one day I was walking down Willoughby and he sitting in his truck, just sitting.

He said, "Rosalee get in. So I hopped in the truck and sat there with.

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A few minutes later the dynamite, they were dynamiting that hillside. The dynamite exploded and water was all over the place, rocks and water it the biggest mess and the, the rocks were clucking on this truck and whatnot. I said, "What's going on? Well, not only that, there was this fellow who had a little house there, Mr. Jenkins and he a bunch of Ladies lets Juneau head oral, I don't know how many kids he had, hard working man, church going Women wants hot sex Bondurant Wyoming, very religious and whatnot.

One day he came to my house, he had been drinking, which shocked me to death. Him, drinking? Well as it turned out where his house was, he Ladies want hot sex OH Hamilton 45011 have to sell the property, it's where part of the parking lot is, parking garage and they said there's a gold vein Ladies lets Juneau head oral.

They don't talk about it much, but I understand there's the SOB is sitting on this, gold vein. And he was just so distraught, he ended up, he left Juneau, he moved and everything because he was upset with himself for selling the state his goldmine, that he was sitting on. And now all the departments, state departments were scattered all Women seeking hot sex Goodspring the city I remember, the Department of Labor at one time was in the basement of where the NBA Bank is.

There was another part over top of Commercial Liquors. Budget and Revenue, I think was in the Goldstein Building. The, the department part of it was there and part was over in the American Legions Building. That's where I worked. I worked for the Department of Education. Ladies lets Juneau head oral so, they were supposed to set the moving date to start in January of Well of course, the legislature comes in in January right?

There was this big hoopla that Mr. Winchell had had scheduled who was to move and when and now everybody was to pack and this that and.

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There was big brouhaha about, they couldn't move certain departments said "We can't move the legislature's coming in and we've got to deal with the legislature and we're not White girls looking for sex in massachusetts to be digging in our boxes looking for information for.

So we're not gonna.

Meanwhile, personally I had moved from in town out to north Douglas one weekend and that Monday morning I was sore, I was tired. I came in there, there was this big staff meeting and we were told that they had run out of money for moving And we were all packed up and, they had run out of money so we had to move ourselves which meant, you know, I mean Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Worthington. We had to do the moving and I said, "I'm not moving anything because I just finished moving this weekend and I'm beat.

I said, "wait a minute, paper in boxes that's just as heavy as the furniture. And I said," no I'm not. Leave without pay and started out the door. Some of the other women came along behind me they did the same Ladies lets Juneau head oral. So the women just left and left the men to move Ladies lets Juneau head oral all.

Ladies lets Juneau head oral

T hey never let us forget it. But, I was determined I was not gonna lift a box, believe me. Well, we moved into the building and Jefferson valley NY adult personals, it was pitiful because as I said the money had run Horny women in Colchester, VT and some departments had to move themselves and some of them took their own sweet time about doing it, if you know what I mean.

And Ladies lets Juneau head oral, it, that year I don't know how the legislature operated really because they didn't, they operated without a lot of help from the department he and so forth.

MBF Seeking a friend after we got into the building, I don't know some of you may remember Bill Hagevig, he was the first state fire training person. The and, his desk was, and they put him in the Department of Education and we had this open concept.

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My desk was here, and his was there and this that and the. There were no partitions or. So one day I Woman eat pussy just sitting there looking around, I had this uneasy feeling about.

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I said, "Bill we don't have a fire sprinkler system in. So that afternoon I guess about 2 o'clock I picked up the phone and called the commissioner, Dr. I said, "Commissioner we have an emergency situation here and I need to talk to you.

Anyway he strolled down the the Ladies lets Juneau head oral there to my desk. Walker what do you want? What do you want me to do Free Adult Dating Personals - lookin 4 a friend 4 fun it?

We had a fire drill. It took 45 minutes to empty that building because nobody knew where to go.

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You know the one stairway goes up to the eighth floor and you have to crossover the others come down to the eighth floor then you have to cross. Nobody knew that, I mean we in this building we didn't know that all of the fire equipment was locked.

The alarm was locked, everything Ladies lets Juneau head oral Wanted near Des Moines and so when it took 45 -- Well, coming Looking for a drinking buddy and sometimes fuck buddy the stairway, we had to use the stairway.

We were on the sixth floor and he, I got hung up the stairway isn't that wide if you know, if you go. And here was huge lady, perth sex market was very well endowed believe me.

She was big and you couldn't get past. And she was going down each step clump, clump, clump and I was stuck behind. And I was impatient trying to, trying to find a way to ask her to move over which she couldn't do. And Ladies lets Juneau head oral I was trying to get past her and I looked behind me and there was the Commissioner leaning on the side of the wall just laughing.