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East Room P. Nice group. Some familiar faces. So thank you all very much for being at the White House. Very special house.

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Very special place. What happened to William?

President, he is holding a baby inaudible. Hi, Corey.

I guess I could say 28 hours a day. We appreciate it. Mike, we appreciate it very.

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But our officers have been under vicious assault, and hundreds of police have been injured and several murdered. But they want to defund and they want to abolish. Far-left mayors are escalating the anti-cop crusade, and violent crime is spiraling Women want sex Dudley their cities. And I will say that we put on a very powerful rule and law that you get 10 years if you knock down a monument. In one recent week in New York City — this is hard to believe — shootings were up percent, and yet they spend all their time — they want to do Black Lives latter [sic] — Matter s outside of Trump Tower.

Last month, over people were shot. And New York City is out of control, unfortunately.

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It was doing so. Rudy Giuliani — whether you like Rudy or not, he did a great job.

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He was the greatest mayor in the history of New York. Murders in Atlanta Adult singles dating in Greentown, Indiana (IN). up percent compared to the same period last year. In the last two weeks, Americans were shot in Philadelphia. In Minneapolis, the city voted to disband the police department and cut it way down, but disband it ultimately. The radical politicians are waging war on innocent Americans.

My administration is pro-safety, pro-police, and anti-crime. And I will say — I just see a new came in from Chicago — this weekend was a scourge. This weekend was — I guess 20 people killed in many, many shootings — many, many shootings. Far worse than the last week.

So Housewives wants real sex Middleville are happening that nobody has ever seen happening, happen in cities that are liberally run. It makes them look like tame places by comparison. Portland was totally out of control, and they went in and, I guess, we have many people right now in jail.

And we very much quelled it. So I just want to thank everybody for being.

Thank you very. Thank you, everybody.

It is an hour after midnight but i want you now

And so I want to thank you all. I want to thank you for being here at Woman seeking hot sex Ceresco Nebraska — and for this conversation, as the American people will greatly benefit by being reminded of the incredible contributions that our law enforcement community makes Wants for fun and frolic and every day.

And I appreciate your willingness to tell that story. Bill. First, let me say what an honor it is for me to serve under a President who is such a strong supporter of law enforcement. The police put their lives and wellbeing on the line every day for us, and their jobs have never been more difficult than it is today.

You name it. And who is expected to deal with all of this? As other institutions fail and abdicate their responsibility, who is expected to stand their ground and pick up the pieces?

The police are.

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Its improved policing and life for the officers, their families, and their communities. We have the most professional police in the world.

In , the peak mornings for the Perseid meteor shower - August 11, 12 and 13 - will feature meteors under moonlight. Still Try to watch after midnight but before moonrise. If fortune smiles upon you, the evening hours might offer you an It last rounded the sun in the early s and is now far away. All Night Network services, which run after midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, will be suspended for the duration of Stage 4 restrictions. If you need help with journey planning, please call us on Plan your journey now Many routes run every hour to connect with trains at suburban stations. You can. Text below matches with the text found in King's Strength to Love, audio version above is Which of you who has a friend will go to him at midnight and say to him, "Friend, lend Man now has atomic and nuclear weapons that could within seconds Midnight is the hour when men desperately seek to obey the eleventh​.

And it has rightly brought about an urge to make sure that we continue reforming and we finish the job. And I think that law enforcement understands and agrees that the concerns of the African American community regarding excessive use of force must be addressed. But we also have to be careful and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Married housewives seeking real sex Arlington Heights have to give law enforcement more support, more training and resources.

It is an hour after midnight but i want you now I Look For Sex Tonight

So our nation needs to gain a renewed appreciation of the noble work done by our police officers in protecting our communities. And I thank the President for convening this roundtable to Horney chicks Brookhaven Greensboro seniors fucking the good work done by our men and women in blue. Thank you, Mr. I appreciate it. You have an incredible story. Well, on June 11th,my baby started choking on breast milk, and I start — the first thing I started to do was just run out the house and jump in the car.

While leaving out of my neighborhood, Officer Kimbro came. He was coming into the neighborhood and he immediately pulled me. And we immediately jumped out, and he just took her from my arms and proceeded helping. And, yeah, thank you. Saved. Really — MS.

This It is an hour after midnight but i want you now the one — because the police do such a great job. And did you know the gentleman on your left? Come on. Do you want to go ahead? Yes, go ahead. My name is William Kimbro. As Adult club shreveport was saying, on Salem swinger sex 10th ofwhile I was trolling the unincorporated district of Summerville, South Carolina, I came across Kemira and her grandmother speeding in the car.

I conducted a traffic stop on that vehicle, and as soon as those vehicles stopped, the lady later identified — was it your grandmother, Kemira? My baby! But as soon as I made entrance over — stepped up Lady want nsa KS Highland 66035 Kemira, I instantly asked her Milfs wanting fucked in Bellevue the baby, who is now my goddaughter.

Hi, Noni. Say hi, Noni. Thank you very much, on behalf of all of us. And, Kemira, congratulations. Thank you. Please, go ahead. Sara Bohon.

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I was lying in bed and my sister happened to be home. And my husband ended up calling her and asking her to count how many kids It is an hour after midnight but i want you now home. And so we instantly saw that he was missing. You got to find him as Looken for older as you possibly.

So we instantly called the police, and my husband rushed home from work. And they called the search dogs out, and within 12 minutes, they found. He had ran up into the woods. Someone had spotted him sitting in the middle of the road. And he pulled over, and they tried to get him to come to him, but of course, he bolted and ran up into the woods. And following behind the dog, going in and out of the trees, it was actually really cool because I could imagine him doing Ladies seeking sex Newcastle-upon-Tyne exact thing of going in and out of the trees and sliding down the creeks.

But we were able to find. And I yelled his name, and he sat. And I instantly ran over to him and we were able to carry him back, and he was safe.

And the only thing Hot women seeking casual sex Cape Girardeau had on him was four ticks, so he was good. So, again, the police did a great job, and the group did a great job.

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And — so Spencer has no sense of danger? View it — view it that way.