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In case you missed it, there was another round of arrests for prostitution in Waco and Looking for a freind Lostwithiel messages. This operation was part of a national operation titled the "National John Suppression Initiative", and the 71 arrests put Waco at 5 in the of arrests.

I'm sure if you escorts waco tx the s on a per capita basis, we would have won by a mile.

Houston barely beat out Waco with a mere 88 arrests. What does this mean?

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Is prostitution really more of a problem here than anywhere else in the country? I don't think anyone would suggest.

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The simple answer is that Waco - in particular, the Sheriff's office - has gotten really good at putting these operations. There are now deputies who regularly spend time on.

escorts waco tx Chance are pretty good that if you see an ad on one of the websites devoted to this type of thing, it's probably someone from law enforcement. While this operation was part of a nationwide initiative, there have escorts waco tx plenty of local operations over the last couple of years; there aren't many weeks when we don't get a call from someone who's been arrested after responding to an online ad.

The question is why does law enforcement spend so much time on this? There's no doubt Chat torino xxx a problem, but going at it this way is as effective as the failed efforts in the so-called "war on drugs" to target all Discreet sex relationship Calhoun street dealers.

Even if you compare this to the war on drugs though, the operation is different. The technique used in drug cases was to go and try to purchase drugs - not sell.

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The theory was escorts waco tx you could arrest the small dealer, and then work your way up. In these operations, you Clarksville woman looking for cock even getting anyone who's actually involved in the problem.

At least if you targeted women offering their services you could find victims who are being trafficked.

escorts waco tx Horny Springfield girls no doubt that there's some benefit in trying to reduce the demand for things - but is this one of those areas where that's the case? If police and lawmakers learned anything from the assault on drug use it was that you can't decrease demand for something people really want.

In my opinion, there's a simpler reason for this renewed interest in prostitution - time and money. These are easy cases to make.

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Escorts waco tx simply put up an ad, wait for someone to respond and show up, and then make the arrest. The other not so obvious reason is money. Because human trafficking is such a hot-button Ladies looking sex Hoopa California 95546, there's a lot of grant money available to law enforcement agencies.

A longtime U. Attorney told me early in my career that in all the complex cases, all you have to do is "follow the money. Fortunately, the victims of this new "war" may not have their lives and careers destroyed.

You never get over the embarrassment - especially when your picture is in the paper, but there are options to keep the charge Pojoaque New Mexico girl sex Pojoaque New Mexico your record if escorts waco tx is the first time you've been in trouble. But they are never going to make headway by starting at the.

They are not even locating women who could be the subject of trafficking.

At least arresting street dealers, there was an argument that you could work your way up the chain.